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    Be careful when playing "games". You may be suspected of gambling. How can you distinguish online gambling?


    Sep 22, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Be careful when playing "games". You may be suspected of gambling. How can you distinguish online gambling?”
    1. The formal games do not involve online gambling, but the parties are clearly clear. But they were lucky, psychologically implied that they would not be found or punished. Most of these games are online chess and cards, which are not illegal in reason. But these games are not formal. They seem to be online chess and cards. In fact, each setting is settled, and it is directly moved from offline to online, or it is still illegal. The method of distinguishing is very simple. Basic chess and cards are basically gambling.
      1. "Games" suspected of crime Guangzhou police cracked a major case of illegal online illegal cases. The criminal gang moved the offline chess and cards and moved directly to the online. Get a lot of profits through a settlement, agency, attracting members, etc. There are hundreds of people in such a gang, suspected of more than 30 million, and flowing water is around 5 billion yuan. The cause of this incident is some family disputes. Some people are addicted to the "game" of the Internet, leading to hundreds of thousands of losses. And these games are mainly chess and cards. They are not wrong in themselves. They can pay money when playing games, which is no different from offline.
      2. Participating in people's hearts know that this behavior can not be regarded as playing games, but participating in crimes. From the perspective of form, you know that this is an online form of offline gambling. It is still based on chess and cards. Win -winning must be given money, and it is not less than offline. Before participating, most people know that this behavior is illegal. And when they choose to participate, they still want to bet themselves, and they feel that they will not be found. However, Tianwang is restored without leakage. As long as you do illegal things, one day will be discovered. Even if you are in the name of "game", you can't change the fact that crime is changed.
      3, the amount of chess and cards is too large, even if gambling and chess and cards are not illegal, there are chess and card rooms in various places. The old people can exercise their brains. But gambling is illegal, especially those with too high amounts are gambling. In fact, people know that this behavior is illegal, but just luck. It is hoped that people can know the law and abide by the law, and do not change the pattern to challenge the legal bottom line.

    2. There are several characteristics of online gambling. First of all, he generally recommend it, and there will be recommenders and recommendation codes. Secondly, there will be recharge platforms on online gambling, and most, the recharge platform of online gambling is very strange. The port will be often found in exchange for a special person to find it. Secondly, there will be a return point for online gambling, that is, how much you lose will return to you, a certain percentage of the amount of chips. These are all, most of the gambling platforms, common features, as long as you can distinguish, you can avoid it carefully. Of course, these are difficult to resist your curiosity. Therefore, if you want to fall into the trap of online gambling, you want to fall into the trap of online gambling. It is still necessary to build a strong mind to defeat yourself, and unnecessary certain psychological needs are the right path.

    3. The money transaction is online gambling. Now there are a lot of online gambling to start with some people without work experience. They do n’t know that the money is not easy to earn, and they always want to have a good thing to fall off the pie.

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