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    Can the chess room be promoted online? How to propagate to attract customers


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “Can the chess room be promoted online? How to propagate to attract customers”
    1. There is no need for online promotion in the chess and card room, because the regionality of the chess and card room is relatively strong, no matter how good you are doing online advertising, it is impossible for others to run away. What do you think?

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      The insulator is usually used as the appearance of the cable. In fact, air itself is an insulator and does not require other substances for insulation.
      1, high voltage electrical wires are insulated through air, because the use of solids (such as plastic) overwing layers is not practical. However, the connection between wires may cause short circuit and fire. In the coaxial cable, the center's conductor must be in the middle to prevent the reflection of electromagnetic waves. The use of insulators as an appearance covering can prevent these problems.
      2. In the electronic system, the printing circuit board is usually made of epoxy plastic and glass fiber. The non -conductive substrate is supported by the copper wire layer. In electronic devices, tiny and precise valid parts inlaid in non -conductive epoxy resin, phenolic resin, glass or ceramic coating layer.
      3, in microelectronics components such as transistors and integrated circuits, doped silicon materials are usually a conductor. However, by heating at the oxygen environment, silicon can also easily transform into insulators. Silicon's oxidation will get quartz, also known as silicon.
      4. In a high -voltage system with a transformer and a capacitor, the oil of the liquid insulation is usually used to prevent the arc discharge.
      5. In the need to bear a considerable high voltage without being penetrated, people use oil to replace air for insulation.

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