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    Find all English platform words in "A -Gump"


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    1. A feather floats through the air. The falling feather. A city, Savannah, is revealed in the . The feather floats down toward the city below. The feather drops down toward the street below, as people walk past and cars drive by, and nearly lands on a mans shoulder. He walks across the street, causing the feather to be whisked back on its journey. The feather floats above a stopped car. The car drives off right as the feather floats down toward the street. The feather floats under a passing car, then is sent flying back up in the air. A MAN sits on a bus bench. The feather floats above the ground and finally lands on the mans mud-soaked shoe. The man reached down and picks up the feather. His name is FORREST GUMP. He looks at the feather oddly, moves aside a box of from an old suitcase, then opens the case. Inside the old suitcase are an of clothes, a ping-pong paddle, and other personal items. Forrest pulls out a BOOK TITLED "Curious George," Then places the feather inside the book. Forrest closes the suitcase. Something in his eyes reveals that Forrest may not be all there. Forrest looks right as the sound of an arriving bus is heard. A bus pulls up. Forrest remains on the bus bench as the bus continues on. A BLACK WOMAN in a Nurses Outfit Steps up and SITS Download at the Busch Next to Forrest. Nurse Begins to Read A Magazine as forrest Looks at Her. a box of

      and holds it out for the number.

      This strange man next to her.

      The I money eat about a miss a half of these.

      .. "my mama alway, box of.

      you never know what you get. Taste)

      FORREST EATS A chocolate as he looks download at the number shoes.

      Day in Shoes like that and not feel a thing.

      i wish I ha d shoyes like that.

      black woman my feet hart.

      shoys. Where theyre going.

      where theyve ben.

      the black water stares at forrest as he looks down at his. WORN LOTS of Shoes. I Bet if I Think About It Real Hard

      I COULD Remember My FIRST PAIRT PAIR of Shoes.

      FORREST CLOSES TIGHTLY. n Momma Said theyd take my anywhere.

      int. Country Doctors Office -Greenbow, Alabama -1951 R
      a Little Boy Closes Histes Tigtly. It is IS is He SITS in a Doctors Office.

      DOCTOR All Right, Forrest, you can open your eyes now. r
      Lets take a little want. Artd Stiffly. Forrests Mother, Mrs. Gan, Watches Him as he CLANKS AROUND The Room AWKWARDL.

      DOCTOR HOW Do Those Feel? His legs are strong, mrs. Gump.
      as Strong As Ive Ever Seen. But his back is a crooked n
      as a.


      DOCTOR But WERE GORE GONNA HIM RIGHT Up Now Now , Forrest?

      a loud thud is heard as, outside, forrest falls.

      Mrs. Gan. n
      MRS. Gump and Young forrest Walk Across the Street. Forrest Walks Stiffly Next to his mother.

      Adan I was a baby, momma named me after , General Nathan Bedford Forrest... rnrnEXT. RURAL ALABAMA rnrnA black and white photo of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The photo turns into live action as the General dons a hooded sheet over his head. The General is in full Ku Klux Klan garb, including his horse. The General rides off, followed by a large group of Klan members dressed in full uniform. rnrn阿甘(voice-over ) SHE SAID W E was related to him in some way.

      and, what he did was, he started up this club call the
      nku klux klan. Theyd all dress up in their robes antsd

      Bedsheets and Act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks or n
      something. Theyd every put bedsheets on their horses
      nand return. I get my name.


      ext. Voice-Over (Voice-Over) Momma Said that the forrest part was to

      Rimind me that sometimes we all do things that, well,
      njust dont make no sense. as his

      BRACE GETS Stuck. Forrests Brace is Caught in A Gutter

      Grate. SIT in Front of a Barber Shop and Watch.

      Mrs. Gan Just Wait, let me get it.
      nmrs. Gump Struggles to Pull the stuck frant. n
      The Mrs. Gan let me get it. Wait, get it this way. Hold on.

      Forrest Pulls His Foot Out of the Grate.

      Mrs. Gan ALL RIGHT.

      MRS. Gump Helps forst up onto the signwalk. She looks up and notice

      Mrity Right. What are you all strict at? Havent you event

      seen a little well braces on his lefore?
      mrs. Gump. and forrest walk along the sign, the two old men. Mrs. Gump Holds Tightly Ortrests Hand.

      If God Intended Everybody to be the ame,

      HAVE GIVE GIVEN us all braces on our legs.
      n n r n
      so I cored them.

      ext. Oak Alley/The Gump Boarding House
      nmrs. Gump and forrest walk along a dirt operation. left.

      The (Voice-Over) we lived about a quarter mile of route 17,

      about a half mile from the touch.
      thats in the county of greenbow. Our house had in

      mo mmas family since her grandpas grandpas grandpa rnrnhad come across the ocean about a thousand years ago. rnrnSomething like that. rnrnMrs. Gump and Forrest walk along The Gump Boarding House Driveway.

      Let Those Rooms Out. Mostly to People Passing Through.

      Like From, Oh, Mobile, Place Like that. n
      thats how me and mommy got money.

      a real smart lady.

      Mrs. Gan Remember what I told you, forrest.

      youre no different. r nmrs. Gump heads forst to the porch. She Bends down to look forrest in the eye.

      Mrs. Gan Did Youar What I said, forrest? Same
      AS Everybody Else. You are no different.

      int. School / Office -Day -1954 r
      principal your boys ... Different, mRS. Gump.

      now, he I.Q. is Seventy-Five.

      Mrs. Gan Well, we all different, Mr. Hancoc k.

      The principal sign, then stands up.


      FORREST SITSide the Office and Waits.
      n n n n n
      Voice-Over (Voice-Over) She WANTED Me to Have The Finest Ecation,

      so She to the Greenbow Country School. n
      The Principal Stands in Front of Mrs. Gump. Forrest, Sitting Left, Listens.
      principal I Want to Show You Something, Mrs. Gump.
      NNOW, This is normal.

      the principal holds up a chart with according to i.q. and points to the center of the graph principal points to the section below the line labeled "Below." rnrnPRINCIPAL Forrest is right here. The state requires a minimum rnrnI.Q. of eighty to attend public school, Mrs GUMP.

      Hes Gonna has to go to a special school. Now. ? He might be a bit on

      thelow size, but my boy Forrest is going to get the rnrnsame as everyone else. Hes not going rnrnto some special school to learn to how to re-tread rnr ntires. WERE TOREKING About Five Little Points Here.

      There must be some be do do n
      principal we a school system. We dont

      want to see anybody left behind. n
      int. Office
      nPrincipal is theRe a fine GUMP, MRS. GUMP?

      Mrs. Gan Hes On Vacation.

      ext. Gump Boarding House -NIGHT

      FORREST SITS on Outside the house. Loud organic male grunts are heard coming from inside the house. Forrest sits on the swing as the grunts continue. The principal steps out of the Gump House and wipes the sweat from his face. Forrest is sitting on the porch. rn
      Principal well, your moma sure does care about your n
      Schooling, so. mm-mm-mm.
      the principa the sweat froms next .

      principal you dont say much, do you?

      formrest grunts, imitating him. The principal, turn and walks away.
      int. n
      mrs. Gump Reads from the book "Curious George" as forrest Sits on the Bed and Listens. Oh,

      What happy. First there ... "

      A -Gump Momma, whats vacation mean?

      Thdddy we daddy we?

      Mrs. Gan Vacations When you go somewhere, and you dont event
      ncome back. ON HIS BED and LOOKS up.

      Voice -Over (Voice-Over), I guses you can say me and
      nmomma was on our own. n

      ext. Gump Boarding House -Day

      a Cab Driver Closes The Trunk of the Car as Two WOMEN WALK TOWARD The HOUSE. A Milkman Steps down from the Porch. (Voice -Over) But we do digmd mind. Our house was never

      empty. There was always comin and Goin.
      n Mrs. Gan (Voice-Over). r. r. n
      i Nt. Gump Boarding House

      MRS. Gump Steps forward and Speaks to All the boarders.

      Mrs. Gan ITS SUPPA, Everyone. Forrest ...

      a man with a can steps left across the hall.

      man with can my, my. Thatour looks special.
      nmrs. dinner.

      Mrs. Gantlemen, Would You Care to Join us for support?

      hurry up and get it before the flow. I prefer you

      DONT SMOKE that Cigar so close to mealtime.


      livin out of their suitcases, and has cases, and sample cases.

      Mrs. Gan Well, you go ahead and start. Icant find forrest.
      n n n n n
      mrs. Gump Walks up the stairs.

      Mrs. Gan forst ...

      With us,

      AND He HIM a Guitar case.

      mrs. Gump looks into forrests room. She hears sing ing coming from another room and walks over to a closed door. Mrs. Gump opens the door, revealing a young man with long sideburns as he plays the guitar and sings. Forrest holds onto a broom and dances oddly. The young man is ELVIS PRESLEY .

      elvis presley (SINGS) "Well, You Aint Never Caut Cabbit,

      AND You Aint No Friend of Mine. And FORTH to the Guitar.

      Mrs. Gan forst! I Told you not to bother this nice young man.

      elvis oh, thats all right, Maam. I was just Showin

      him a things or two on the guitar here.

      Mrs. Gan all right, but your support if yall want to ear.
      elvis years , That Sounds Good. Thank You, Maam.

      MRS. Gump Leaves and CLOSES The Door. Elvis SITS BACK Download. Say, Man, Show Me that Crazy Little Walk You Just Did

      There. Slow it double. R
      FORREST BeAGINS PLEVIS Plays the Guitar and Sin Sin gs.

      elvis (SINGS) "You Aint Nothin But a house, house dog ..."

      FORREST DANCES As He Watches HimSelf in the Mirror.

      The time "

      FORREST ROCKS Up and Downloads on his Braced Legs, then before. n
      The (Voice-Over)

      i Started Moving Around to the Music, Swinging My HIPS.

      THIS One Night We and Momma n
      ext. Greenbow -night

      mrs. Gump and forrest Walk Along a Sidewalk. A INSIDE A Store Window Reveals Elvis Perform "ON A STAGE.

      ... Was out shopping, and we walked right by bensons
      nFurniture and Appliance Store, and Guess what. r. n
      The Reveals Elvis as he thrusts his hips and sings.

      elvis (SINGS) You Aint nothin but a house dog ... the. Elvis dan CES AROUND in the Same Manner Forrest Did. A Woman in the Audience Screaming and.

      elvis (SINGS) You Aint Nothin But a Hound Dog ...
      n n Not Childrens Eyes.

      MRS. Gump Walks Away, Pulling forrest with Her. Forrest Stops and TAKES One LOOK. Elvis Continues to Perform the.
      elvis (Sings) n
      "Well, You Aint Never Caught A Rabbit and You Aint No

      Friend of Mine."

      some year later, that handsome young man who they
      ncalled "the king," well, he sung too many songs, had
      nhimsel a heart attack. . .

      ext. Savannah/Bus Busch -Day

      FORREST IS Still Sitting on the Busch. Being a king. You know, its funny how you

      Remember some thing, but some things you cant. n
      ext. R nMRS. Gump and forrest wait for the school bus. The Bus Pulls up as missprepares for REST for his first day of school.

      N r

      i remember the bus ride on the first day of school very. steps of the bus and looks at the bus driver. She is smoking a cigarette.

      Bus driver are you comin along?
      n .

      Bus driver this is the bus to school.

      The IM forrest Gump.

      Bus driver im dorothy harris.

      Well, now we aint strangers anymore.

      the bus driver smiles forrest steps up into the bus.
      nint. Bus n nformrest steps up onto the bus. Mrs. Gump Waves to Forrest as the Bus Drives Away. Forrest Begins to Walk Download. Two Young Boys look up. n
      boy #2 its taken!

      FORREST Looks Around. A Larger Girl Slides Over So Forrest Cant Sit Sit Sit Next to her. She shares her head. Forrest Looks to the Other Side Where A Boy Sits Alone on a Larger Seat. They Boy Glares up at forres.
      BOY #3 You Cant Sit Here. n
      The (Voice-Over)

      you know, its funny what a young man.
      nCAUSE I dont remember being born.

      ext. Savannah/Bus Busch -Day

      FORREST Continues Talking as he Sits on the Busch.

      Christmas and

      i Dont Know when I know on my firstdoor picnic. But. nint. BUS -Morning (1954)

      young forrest is Still Standing in the aisle on the bus.


      It girl you can sit you want.

      FORREST Looks back at Jeni, a young girl about forrests age.
      n A -Gump ( voice -Over)

      i Had Never Seen Anything so beautical in my life.
      ns like an angel.
      n Jenni Well, are you gonna sit DOW n, orARENT YA?

      FORREST SITS Download to Jenny.

      , That you. My legs are just fine and

      dandy. r
      and have

      all the way to school.

      The Wen WHY Do You have shoes on?
      n n a question mark.

      these are going to make me as straight as an arrow.
      nTheyre my magic shoes.

      and next to momma, no one event talked to me or asked

      Me questions.
      R nMommy Says .. "Stupid is as stupid does,"

      jenny puts her hand toward. Forrest reaches over and shakes.

      Jennie Imjenny.

      The Gump Im forrest Gump. Forrest Gump.

      always together. Jenny

      AND Me was like peas and carrots.

      young jenny and forrest run tower a large oak tree.

      Branch and calls down to forrest.

      Jenny Come on, Forrest, you can do it.

      FORREST dangles from the brach. n
      voice -Over) ... I Showed Her How to Dangle.

      JENNY and FORREST SIT on A Tree Branch and Read. Little Moneky and ... "

      To helped me to learn how to read.
      FORREST HANGS UPSIDE DOWN FRANCH and Swings Back and Forth. . Forrests Braces are wedGed in the tree.

      as they sit on a brach.

      Mommas Gonna Worry About Me.



      FOR SOME Reason, Jenny Didn t next to go home.

      Annny. Ill stay.

      int. Savannah/Bus Stop -Day

      FORREST NODS as he remembers.

      Argu my only friend. n
      formrest constinues talking to the BLACK WOMAN. She DOESNT SEEM to Be Listening as she Reads Her Magazine. She looks up From Her Magazine.
      n n Abu now, my momma alway me that Day. Some people dont Think so, but they do.

      ext. Oak Alley -Another Day (1954)

      jenny and forrest walk. The head. Jenny Looks as forrest Rubs his head. Three young boys get off their bikes and pick up more rocks.
      nboy #1 hey!
      nFORRARST is hit In the eye with another dirt clod. Forrest Falls Backward ONTO The GROUND AS the BOYS GLARE At Him. R
      BOY #2 Are You Retarded, or Just Plain Stupid? Look, im Forrest Gump.

      jenny helps forrest back up. Boy #1 and bo Y

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