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    Free registered company: You only go away from entrepreneurship, only one August Bayndamu's service network creation festival free bill of free orders


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Free registered company: You only go away from entrepreneurship, only one August Bayndamu's service network creation festival free bill of free orders”
    1. The e -commerce festival is no longer a new thing. There are Taobao Double 11 first, and then Jingdong 618. Now, as the leader of the service field, Mander's Senate Network will also create a carnival for entrepreneurs. Compared with the discount play of other e -commerce companies, the Mande Enterprise Service Network is more directly -free of order!
      On July 25, the Mande Enterprise Service Network officially launched the first service e -commerce festival in history in history- "August 8th Single Single", opened 100,000 free services, and helped 100,000 innovations. Enterprise -free carnival feast. From today (August 1), the "August 8th Single Day" of Mande Enterprise Service Network has also officially entered the registration period of ordering. See the opportunity that day and enjoy many benefits.
      You successful success, only August 8
      The stronger service e -commerce company's strongest help
      from 2006 to 2016, ten years of cultivation, Mande enterprise service network has transformed into The valuation is over 10 billion yuan, with 5 million Chinese and foreign employers, 10 million service providers, and a market share of more than 80%of the billions of service crowdsourcing platforms. The Mande Senate Network is not only the basic support platform of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation", but also China's largest shared economic cultural and creative service trading platform. Knowledge, wisdom, and creativity are transformed into real gold and silver. 5 million buyers based on small and medium -sized enterprises buy various creative services on the Mande Senate Network.
      "Let the benefits are all floating clouds, and the exemption is king." The first festival that really belongs to entrepreneurs in serving the e -commerce company is about to explode.
      "Serving entrepreneurs is not just a slogan. This time we have to pass 100,000 great value -free gifts to help 100,000 companies innovate and entrepreneurship." People and CEO Zhu Mingyue said that as the largest domestic service platform in China, the Mande Enterprise Service Network must play the role of leading brother, organize the service industry's ability and needs Double eleven of transactions.
      The Mande Services Network "August 8th Single Single" jumped out of the idea of ​​physical e -commerce to attract the attention of the audience. And 10,000 service providers, national linkages, jointly borrowed together, and made every effort to build the largest entrepreneurial event in the Mande Senate Network in the past ten years. Its service covers graphic design, development and construction stations, marketing promotion, copywriting, animation video, industrial design, architectural design, decoration design, eight main categories, and 600 subdivisions, providing entrepreneurs with a one -stop enterprise full life cycle Serve.
      In addition to exemption, the Mande Enterprise Service Network also launched "Nine -piece Set for Free Entrepreneurship" and "100 million yuan for the Creative Red Envelope".
      The on the tenth anniversary, the Mande Enterprise Service Network created the "August 8th Single Single Day" to create an unprecedented service -free meal for entrepreneurs to jointly detonate entrepreneurial frenzy and help enterprises innovate and innovate. Obviously, the "August 8th Demolstation Day" is "adding firewood and fire" for the government's dual -innovation strategic layout.
      This -free activity is full of highlights
      In helping entrepreneurship without soft
      "11 · 11", "8 · 18", "6 · · 6 · · 6 · ·" 6 · · 6 · E -commerce festivals such as 18 "E -commerce festivals are endless, but in the field of serving the e -commerce, the" August 8th Single Day "of the Mande Enterprise Service Network is the first case.
      This will bring the greatest effort in history during the August 8th Single Democratic Democracy. 100,000 free services took turns to rush in turn, and the entrepreneurial gifts of over 100 million yuan kept giving up, and the whole process helped the event.
      The entrepreneurial carnival in global history, good plays have begun, and it is not to be missed.
      . The first wave of pre -heating: Nine -piece free limit for entrepreneurship
      before the official arrival of the August 8th free order day, all the PCs, mobile and mobile phone Manda enterprise service on the Mande company service network The users of the APP, from July 25th to August 8th, can receive nine sets of entrepreneurial sets of entrepreneurship without a threshold, enjoy the planning of free account services, high -identification cultivation, funding support and cultivation, corporate brand trademark protection plan planning, and the planning plan for corporate brand trademark protection. Patent consultant package, corporate APP customization, VR cloud roaming, five -piece legal documents, free social security agency services.
      . The second wave of exemptions: 100,000 value -free single -free gifts
      During August 1st to August 7th, entrepreneurs can advance in the Mande Enterprise Services. Registration competes for free orders. Twelve big -name branch venues will also open the free registration boom at the same time, and 100,000 great value -free gifts are waiting for you to lead you. During this period, entrepreneurs can log in to the Manda Enterprise Services Network and enter the single -day special page of August 8th for a single number.
      In addition, grab the single -free quota, you can not only enjoy the advance reminder on the day of August 8th, but also give priority to the morning on August 8th!
      . The third wave of the strongest outbreak: August 8th Demolition Service Day
      The on the day of August 8th, the roll of ordering is officially detonated, 1 main venue, 12, 12 At the branch venue, 10,000 CEO online assistance, 600 types of help services include 600 services such as industry management services, brand creative services, corporate marketing services, product manufacturing services, software development services, and personal life services to provide enterprises with a life cycle Services to solve the problem of entrepreneurship.
      The entrepreneurs not only have the opportunity to receive chess and card game development services worth 40,000 yuan, but also get 20,000 yuan of entrepreneurial service products worth more than 100 million yuan. Not to be missed. From 8 am to 22 o'clock in the morning, every 2 hours, pay attention to the snap -up time, and the time -limited buying will make your free -order service more valuable.
      . The fourth wave of free orders continues: Is not enough for the order? The 100 million red envelope holds "Nine"
      does not regret it? Miss the first three waves? It doesn't matter, the carnival will continue. The Manda Enterprise Service Network also has "not enough orders? 100 million red envelopes holding the" nine '"red envelopes and distribution activities, log in to the Mande enterprise service network PC end, mobile terminal and mobile phone Mande enterprise service. Users of APPs can share 100 million welfare red envelopes.
      Mande enterprise service August 8th, exempt from starting a business! 10,000 service providers, free of 100,000 orders! This midsummer, the Mande Enterprise Service Network and you will go to the entrepreneurial carnival of "August 8th"!
      The must -have nine pieces of entrepreneurship, click to pick up

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