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    How much does it cost to decorate chess and card room


    Sep 23, 2022
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    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the price of chess and card room decoration prices generally 50,000 to 100,000 yuan pro -3 ^n1. What is the cost of decoration for chess and card rooms. What is the cost of decoration in the chess and card room? First of all, let's talk about the presence of latex paint. Multiplying the area of ​​the painting is the amount you need. The renovation of the door and window renovation of the chess and card room is the door and window reconstruction. If the material is solid and the style is more preferred, as long as Yi is re -painted, what are the skills of the chess and card room? 1. When decoration, we must remember that the chess and card room decoration is generally Chinese -style. The decoration can be considered on the wallpaper. The wall has a simple wooden panel or solid wood style, and it is best to use antique bricks on the ground. 2. When renovating, we must remember the materials that are not dirty and easy to clean up as much as possible, including skirting lines and walls. 3. The main thing to decorate the chess and card room is to pay attention to the measures of fire protection, and it is still important to operate. In addition, the exhaust pipeline is also very important. It is the style of decoration. The luxurious and comfortable chess and card room customers will prefer it, so we must go here as much as possible when decorating. 4. When decorating the chess and card room, if you have the conditions, then set a few more VIP rooms, and you can improve the grade in the size and decoration of the room. It must be equipped with a room bathroom.棋5. When decorating the chess room, we must remember that the chess room must consider sound insulation, so when the wall interval is made, and we must use sound insulation materials. Third, the main points of the decoration design of the chess and card room 1. The facilities requirements of the main point of the decoration design of the chess and card room, the card should be carefully, then the light must be bright, and the photo is recommended to be more than 200; Facilities; do not be affected by others, and must not affect others. A must -have for sound insulation shading facilities, especially the family chess and card rooms pay special attention (ground) to sound insulation; There must be enough pipelines to prepare for upgrade; the place where entertainment enjoyment naturally should be arranged to rest and facilitate facilities. 2. The material requirements for decoration design of the chess and card room, the wall and the curtain furniture are used to avoid fire luster materials to avoid fire; the ground and wall low are recommended. We must stick to the floor bricks first, and then brush the latex paint coatings. Looking at the high space, it is not high, and it must be hanged down with a gusset. Otherwise, the lights will not be bright. The main thing is to open the exhaust holes on the wall. You can separate the room as you need, so that it will not affect others.nI hope it can help you, I wish you a happy life! If you feel helpful to you, please work hard to praise your fingers! Thank you ~ If you have any questions, you can click on my avatar to make one -on -one consultation.n1 morenBleak

    3. For chess and card rooms, how much the cost is determined by your style and materials you are preparing to decorate. During the whole decoration process, you should have a psychological budget. Do not exceed. Can't use super, I wish you a happy decoration

    4. Where is the original poster from? The decoration around the school can't cost much money, mainly depends on your own budget ... It is best to consult a local decoration company to see if your psychological price can be made, and then find the decoration team to help you do it. some·

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