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    How to write the promotional language of the chess game?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Chess, Yi also. Chess player, art also.
      The golden iron horses, black and white changes, and the killing between the squares is always cautious and shocked. Frequent fledgling, galloping the world, and the exercise between ups and downs can make you go south and go glorious!
      Ancient cultural activities, fashionable intelligence competitions.
      This of the Han Dynasty of Chuhe, the dispute between the thousands of troops. After the death of the river, he had already died first, and he wanted to hit him, and was horrified by Ma Heng. The chariot is brave, and it has been built thousands of miles. In the blink of an eye, the scholars stayed with the lone city. Everlasting the small battlefield, the chess conspiracy is to set the mountains and rivers.

      The introduction of chess
      chess, also as "Xiangye", Chinese chess (English name xiangqi), Han chess puzzle game, has a long history in China, recorded in the pre -Qin period has been recorded in the pre -Qin period. Essence One of them belongs to the two -person confrontation game. Because of its simple and strong features, it has become a very popular chess activity. It is mainly popular in the Chinese and Chinese characters. Chess is one of the 78 sports projects officially carried out in China. It is one of the official competitions for the first World Intellectual Games.
      The historical evolution
      Korean chess -folding Three Kingdoms to play a game -new chess

    2. The Chuhe and Han realm are separated,
      Thousands of horses and thousands of army disputes.
      has not crossed the river,
      has already died first,
      This to knock out,
      is also horses.
      The chariot is brave,

      This in a blink of an eye,
      Stius to stay in the lone city.
      Plores to kill the small battlefield,

      The non -original, for reference only o (∩_∩) o

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