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    I talked to the foreigner and understood why they were deeply affectionate to "The original God"


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Xiaomao of Zhenxin Town | Text

      Dutral reputation differences
      The controversy around the "Original God" has never subsided since its announcement. Players are divided into two factions to oppose each other and quarrel endlessly. But no matter which faction you stand, is it willing to admit that "The original God" is indeed hot, and the fire is very thorough.
      In data released by Qi Mai last week, "The original God" pressed "Sky Sword" and "Glory of the Kings" on October 21st, the top of the Apple China, which is just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, "The original God" also occupied the best -selling list of eight countries including the United States, Canada, and South Korea.
      This of such amazing results is inseparable from overwhelming publicity and the new character Kelly. Players waved their fellowship just to draw the 5 -star character of white hair loli who were popular in the country. Mihayou also hit the iron while it was hot. On the day of the character's launch, almost all the advertisements of the domestic game portal were made.
      The success of a product must not only be displayed, but also the ability. In the early days of "The original God", in some pressures in public opinion, most domestic media did not conduct a deeper evaluation of the game. So the players were looking forward to, and they talked about the ruthless spitting of the foreigners.
      The results made people fall off the glasses, 25 points, IGN9 points, and 35 points, and even the always professional GameSpot, which has always been professional, gave a good evaluation of 7 points.
      Minhow Chinese game sale/launching after being launched is so widely praised by foreign authoritative media. Maybe it is the first time that it has obtained the Chinese Embassy in Italy. IGN previously gave 9 points for the original God.
      What is the concept of 9 points? To facilitate everyone's understanding, I have selected IGN's previous reviews for reference.
      Perhaps the shock of this number to domestic players is too strong. Now, whenever IGN releases a new evaluation, there is a clear "spicy chicken, not as good as the original god" under the comment area. There are more good people to produce stems in batches, expressing irony and dissatisfaction in the way of abuse.
      Is that we can say that core players are not potential users of "The original God", and most of them will only leave the game for a few hours. As a domestic relatively authoritative mobile game discussion community, the player scores on TAPTAP will not lie. More than 130,000 scores given by more than 130,000 people are not good -looking.
      In "Original God" on the homepage of the TAPTAP, mostly, most of the players who play dozens or even hundreds of hours of the game time to spit on cards, optimization, and maps of the map. The five -star praise seemed a little eye -catching.
      The comments left by this player who claimed to be "Xiaolin" 16K can generally summarize the overall view in Taptap.
      So we can draw conclusions. Sometimes media scores cannot represent players' opinions. The incidents similar to "Last Survivor 2" have happened in the past more than once. "The original God" may be the next time ... ?
      The conclusion that this conclusion needs to meet the prerequisites. First of all, the factors that the mobile game scores are extremely complicated, and sometimes it cannot objectively reflect the recognition and popularity of the game. tour.
      Secondly, the player's scores of "Yuanshen" are not low, and the revenue accounts for 60 %, and there is no such thing as "the land" in the small circle.
      For example, on Google Play, more than 600,000 people scored a high score of 4.6/5 for "Original God", and the number of downloads exceeded 10 million times.
      In GOOGLE's high reviews, mild players and Fans of Zelda put more attention on optimization issues.
      A even if it is always full of suffocating and extremely low thresholds, the original God actually got the "still" score of 6.9.
      The is willing to pay for money, but also to give points. Maybe foreigners really love the original God, but this makes BB Ji be curious. Special tolerance? Are they rich or foreign monks?
      holding this idea, I "evaluated" a few foreign media evaluation and interviews, and tried to find some traces.

      Whats to think of foreign media?
      It with a point, the shortcomings of the business model of "Original God" in our eyes are free gold.
      If foreign media will have different standards when evaluating different types of games. In their opinion, the comparison of the original God is not a stand -alone masterpiece such as Bude Gate 3, but a free card plus two -dimensional mobile game of the same type. In this framework, "Original God" has almost achieved dimension reduction. Almost all the evaluations are given praise to the game screen. For example, IGN opened the door to see that "The original God" is indeed deliberately imitating "The Interest of the Wild", but this two -dimensional -style open world mobile game is unprecedented.
      In an example, if one day, a brother made a game of finding the wife of i agencies everywhere in the open world. A high score.
      In observation of the perspective of mild players who have not experienced the opening of the world game, the disadvantages of the design of "The original God" will not be clearly perceived. Instead, a broad, beautiful and free open world game suddenly shot on their mobile phone screen, broadening the aesthetic perspective of a lot of mild players.
      It about the shortcomings, all the evaluations mentioned more or less the physical system and the explosion rate of card drawing, but they seem to be more "patient" than us.
      GAMESPOT, which is given 7 points, believes that the "mouth -watering" five -star character explosion rate in the game is only 0.6%, which is too outrageous. However, "Original God" still strives to avoid many "Pay to Win" problems, and Zero players can also complete all tasks by technology and liver.
      The IGN, which gives 9 points, even constantly emphasizes that the game is rising straight, but it can still be complained as a free player.
      In the final analysis, "free play" is more points in the eyes of foreigners than we think.

      What foreign players think?
      It discussing the media scores may also be comprehensive. I want to know the true view of foreign players on "The original God". Therefore, it seems a good idea to mix a game discussion group dominated by foreigners.
      This is not difficult. Discord is a foreign software that supports voice and text groups. The monthly living is as high as 150 million, which is the best choice for foreigners to discuss games.
      "Original God" is the most recently discussed game in Discord. The number of members and daily online people exceeds "My World".
      a few days ago, I sneaked into the discussion group of "Original God" and talked with several senior two -dimensional players.
      (referred to as DT) is a very active player in the discussion version of the Discord. At the same time, he is both irritable and senior two -dimensional identity. On weekdays, he is active in GACHA-HELL (drawing card hell, referring to non-Emperor Club) channels, and releases various unknown words.
      ", the probability of drawing cards in this game is really low." A sunny afternoon, DT roared angrily in the discussion version of "The original God".
      Perhaps it was just because I glanced in the crowd. I just met the violent words of the elder brother in the group, thinking that might be a negative material to see how foreigners spray this game.
      I took the initiative to find DT and explain to him. DT seemed to be careful when facing me, and it was completely different from the revealing image in the open group.
      After spending a little tongue, DT finally opened the phone box. He said he was keen on a two -dimensional drawing game, such as "Love Live! "," Bang Dream! 》 The works are their own main dishes, but in addition, RPG and other RPGs such as "Neil Mechanical Age" and "Final Fantasy" are also among his game list.
      "If you can, I would like to call it" the two -dimensional wilderness ". When I asked where the original God attracted him, DT replied.
      I continued to ask:" Maybe you don't, don't you don’t I know too much that in the Chinese "Original God", it is considered too much to learn from "The Interest of the Wild" and has been criticized. "
      " I don't blame them think so. Western players generally agree with this, but even if the main gameplay is similar, the essence of the two is actually different, such as the card drawing system, such as the element -based battle, so I can still experience some different charm. "
      He paused for a moment, and then said," More importantly, for many years, the game has been constantly copied and inspired from each other. Essence "
      Then he talked to me about the golden system that he spit in the public group. His view seems to be completely consistent with GameSpot. DT believes that although the 5 -star explosion rate is outrageous, the design of the character allows you You can complete the task without spending money, which is not the same as other card games.
      At the end, DT gave 7.5 points for "Original God", and said that if Mihayou can continue to improve, he is willing to give the game for the game 8 points or even 9 points.
      DT's point of view is relatively mainstream in the discussion version of the Discord "Original God". Several players I interviewed gave the game with 7-8 points, and everyone gave a high evaluation of the screen. And show more tolerance on plagiarism and golden explosion rates in the broad sense.
      GAGI specializes in multiplayer games. "Simply and" Selda "is only endurance and cooking system. If you have to compare the picture, the" Legend "series of Bandai Nammeng may be a better object.
      "Selda" looks better "(danger)

      Xindel is a core player who is almost good at all the mainstream game types in the market. In his opinion, the" original God "drawing card is indeed better than Competitors are more expensive, but games like this can be done. Although it can be called gambling, this explosion rate can still prevent players from leaving the game angrily. "What you need to do is to play" The Wilderness of the Wilderness Best 1 "and wait for the sequel. Before that, you may wish to play" Original God "until it stops. "
      S summary of the above point of view, I think the reason why" The original God "has such a great controversy is that it rarely pulls the world's core, fans, and mild players into the same stage, so that the differences are different The collision of the point of view has formed a fierce melee.
      Core players are accustomed to buying "Original God" and buying a 3A masterpiece. It is found that the two are actually very different, and they have a sense of splitting that are not in line with expectations. n and the market of mild players is affected by user needs. In China, most players will take it for granted and put more attention in the gold elements in the game. On the contrary Players think that "Original God" is extremely fresh, and it is difficult to have complaints even if they stumble in the middle.
      The community's popularity is the first, and the top of the Eight Kingdoms is the best -selling list. Unprecedented achievements in the sea. No matter how long the dispute will last, this game has gained more attention in its own way.


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