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    I want to know what the English voice of the CF game after the game of CF means.


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “I want to know what the English voice of the CF game after the game of CF means.”
    1. In the CF game, there are two types of English voice appearing in each game. List Win
      The other English voice in the game as follows:
      This grenade: Fire in the Hole
      Rights: headshot
      : MULTI KILL
      Suddenly killing: Occur Kill
      The cannot defeat:
      It is difficult to believe:
      Do you want to repair me: you wanna pipce me
      , continue Efforts: COME GET SOME
      Extension information:
      background setting
      1, lurker:
      No one knows who created the latent mercenary company, and no one knows it. Where is the headquarters? Some people say that it serves the third world, and some people claim that it has performed "special tasks" for the rebels. However, so far, no one has found the person in charge of the company, and there are no laws that can be restrained to it.
      But at least one person knows: the lurker never serves the power.
      It people say that the latent members flow in the wild blood -this makes them willing to serve weak countries and even perform certain "special services". But for outsiders, everything about them is just guessing.
      2, defenders:
      The members of the defender mercenary company were founded, and they began to recruit players who retired from various famous special forces. The mercenary company serves a strong country in the name of maintaining peace. They claim that they have the most righteous position. If the battle violates their faith, they will never move even if they have more money.
      However, the defender never disclosed the specific situation of every battle they did, and even did not want to say more about internal members. As a result, the "justice" operation they publicly declared publicly was questioned by more and more people.
      soon, the outside world began to blame them to be a tool for strong countries and large consortia. Even more rumors said that because of what the defender mercenaries did violate their ideals, many outstanding players left the company sadly.
      The mercenaries "defenders" who manipulate the interests of the Western world and the "Lunar" Legion, which is entrusted by the third world country, which is a weak country. Under the position of this kind of small country's resistance to the manipulation of the world, these two mercenaries fight around the world.

    2. I can't understand the English you wrote, but I know one is the victory of the game, and the other is the failure of the game. Anyway, the gray color indicates that you have failed. I have n’t encountered it yet. You also know what you mean by playing personal competition. Give me the best

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