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    Is the game development salary high?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Is the game development salary high?”
    1. Interests and feelings of game development are greater than income.
      It you can search for the salary of Unity and the salary of Java on the hook.
      It you will find that the salary of 3-5 years of Unity programmers is almost the same as the salary of Java programmers for 1 to 3 years. And click in, you will also find that the annual capital and content required by the game development title are inconsistent.
      The wages of the game are generally extremely serious. It is normal to get off work at 9 pm. It will be overnight for at least a few days per month.
      The early development may not go to work on Saturday, nearly half a year after launch and launch, it is bound to go to work on Saturday, and some companies will take 2 days in January.
      Culturally, game companies often products are king, traffic acquisition is king, and capital is king. All kinds of fraud investment, do it. The general atmosphere will be more sauce.
      Pueling a little economic common sense: The price of goods is determined by the supply and demand relationship, and it is not determined by the manufacturing cost of the product (the difficulty of technology). If a commodity demand is not high, and its market is a state of winner, and you can't get into the camp (Tencent NetEase), the result can be imagined.

    2. Computer programming contains subsequent software development and game development. Software development is mainly office software and some functional software. Game development is mainly software development for making games. The game itself is also a software.
      S salary and career development are always a hot topic. In the game industry, whether it is an entry -level engineer or an experienced engineer, it keeps paying great attention to this.
      According to the survey statistics, in 2006, the salary income of 3D art, programming engineers such as 3D art, program design engineers in the gaming industry has changed significantly:
      The entry-level gaming engineer and engineers with a work experience with about 2-3 years have increased. Generally, the monthly salary of a monthly salary of 3,000-8000 yuan through the game industry through professional training, and the average monthly salary of game development engineers who have worked for more than 2 years It reaches 20,000 to 30,000.
      As long as you work hard, learn a certain level, this type of professional talents are more popular and the treatment is better.

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    4. The development of the game first depends on the development language you choose, the mainstream computer language and the company's widely used it. The treatment must not be bad. The Go language, the Python language, etc. The standing Java is always a high -paying and high -demand occupation. Secondly, it depends on the development level of the city. The salary of the city in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou is definitely higher than other cities. Of course, the consumption level and price are also very high.

    5. The salary is high or not, depending on how much you learn. Xiaobai, who did not learn the true ability, barely maintained his life, and the big guys with real skills often gradually reached the peak of life. It depends on what height you can reach.
      It you can go to PAWS3D to see. They made a special salary and job introduction about the UNITY game development position, which will help you

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