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    What is a distributed system architecture


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Distributed applications refer to the application of the application on different computers, and to complete a task through the network, which is usually a server/client mode. Understanding "distribution" in a broad sense is not only applications, but also databases, etc., distributed in different computers, and completing the same task. The reason why a application is distributed on different computers, there are two main purposes:
      1) Diversify the pressure of the server
      in large systems, there are many modules, and the amount of concurrency is large. It is often used with one server to carry often. Excessive pressure will cause system paralysis. It can be split in two aspects of horizontal and vertical aspects to deploy these modules on different servers. In this way, the pressure of the entire system is distributed on different servers.
      L horizontal: divided by function.
      L vertical: n layer architecture, some of which are distributed on different servers (the concept of layered will be introduced later).
      2) Provide services, function reuse
      The service reuse is used to use components for code reuse. For example, if the three modules in one system need to use the report function, one method is to make the report function into a separate component, and then let the three modules quote this component. The calculation operation is calculated by the three modules. Each of each; another method is to make the report function into a separate service so that these three modules use this service directly to obtain data. All the calculation operations are performed in one place. Obviously It's much more.
      The service can not only provide inside, but also provide them. If other partners need to use our report service, we don't want to directly publicize all the information to them. In this case, the component method is not very reasonable. Through the public service and authorization of the service of the service, we can ensure that the partners can get the data they need, but also ensure that the core data is not disclosed.

    2. The distributed system architecture is simply a software structure design running on multiple processors.
      The distributed system is a software system based on the network. It is precisely because of the software's characteristics that the distributed system has high internal agglomeration and transparency.
      The difference between network and distributed systems is more about high -level software (especially operating systems), not hardware. Internal agglomeration refers to the high degree of autonomy of each database distribution node and has a local database management system.
      The architecture, also known as the software architecture, is an abstract description of the overall structure and components of the software, which is used to guide all aspects of the large software system. The architecture description language (ADL) is used to describe the system architecture of the software.

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