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    What kind of game is the line of fire


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    1. Let me answer, similar to CS gun war gamesn
      basic introductionn
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      Crossfire (Crossing the Fire) is a background with two major international support organizations, analyzing the advantages of a variety of popular FPS including (later referred to as 'cs'), and absorb the favorite of domestic players After the content of the gun battle game, a wonderful FPS Online game provided. The heavy mercenary culture, rich game content, updated game mode, and shocking realistic weapons require higher configuration PCs to run smoothly and smoothly.n

      minimum configuration recommendation configurationn
      p4 1.5G P4 2.8 or highern
      256m Recommended 512 or aboven
      hard diskn
      1GB above spacen
      graphics cardn
      GeForce 5200 GeForce 7600 or bettern
      512k modem broadbandn
      operating systemn
      Windows 2000, XPn
      driver programn
      direct x 9.0cn

      Thentes through the fire line drama: Crossfire (CF)n
      game type: entertainment FPS shooting gamen
      shooting game development company: Smilegaten
      Operating company: Tencent official website: CF.QQn
      The types of guns (some correction of the puppet broom Tomson)n
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      Name: P90 Manufacturer: FN caliber: 5.7 mm PDW magazine capacity: 50 rounds/box ammunition maximum portable volume: gun weight: 2 kg early speed: 886 feet/secondn
      The weapon introduction: weak power, but small and light, and the rate of fire is extremely fast, and the magazine capacity is large. It is a popular assault rifle.n
      Name: AK-47 Manufacturer: Former Soviet Union Gun Weight: 4.3 kg Full length: 870 mm magazine capacity: 30 Valid range: 400m Fire speed: 600 RPM Weapon Introduction: Known with super destructive power And reasonable price, the most widely used rifle in countries around the world. The disadvantage is that the recoil is too large, which is difficult to control.n
      Name: AK-74 Manufacturer: Former Soviet Union caliber ---- 5.45mm Early Paracelli ---- 920M/S Valid range ------------------------- 1980j theoretical rate of fire------------ -600 hair / min automatic method ---- air-guided lock-type atresia ---- The gun turbine launch method ---- single-round, continuous air supply method ---- magazine volume bombs ----- -30 Full gun length 870mm rifle ---- 4 Right-rotation full gun quality (excluding magazine) ---- 4.3kg aiming device ---- 准 星 ---- column-shaped door --------------------------- U-shaped gap type is equipped with bullets ---- M74 type 5.45 × 39, MM bulletn
      Name: Steyr Aug A1 Manufacturer: Steyr-GMBH, AT gun weight: 3.6 kg Full length: 790 mm magazine capacity: 30 Valid range: 400 fire speed: 680-800 RPM Weapon Introduction: Assault Rifle Rifle Essence Features are equipped with sights, and the overall performance is quite stable.n
      Name: M4A1 Manufacturer: COLT Gun Weight: 3.22 kg Full length: 750 mm magazine capacity: 30 Valid range: 400 Rights: 685 ~ 850rpm Weapon Introduction: The shortened and improved version of the U.S. military rifle M16A2. The overall balance is very good, so the special forces like to use the gun very much.n
      Name: XM1014 Manufacturer: Benelli Gun Weight: 3.8 kg Full length: 720 mm magazine capacity: 12 Valid range: 100 Rights: Semi -automatic 0 Weapon Introduction: Has the powerful power of shotguns, and has super strong power, and super strong Semi -moving firearms with rail performance.n
      Name: M60 manufacturer: SACO Defence Inc Gun Weight: 10.5 kg Full length: 1105 mm magazine capacity: Bullet chain effective range: with two tripods 800m; with a tripod 1000M fire speed: 1000 RPM weapon brief introduction : Machine guns for charge are more heavy and difficult to master than rifles. The accuracy is low, but it has amazing destructive and loading.n
      Name: M700 Manufacturer: Leimingdon Gun Weight: 6.57 kg Full length: 1117 mm magazine capacity: 10 Valid range: 1000m Fire speed: --- Weapon Introduction: Destroyer is not very high, but mobility is mobility A strong light sniper rifle.n
      Name: AWM Manufacturer: Acacuracy Gun Weight: 6 KG Full length: 1122 mm magazine capacity: 10 Valid range: 1500 m Ferring speed: 0 weapon profile Terror destructive power. This charm has fully fascinated many soldiers and is a very lethal sniper rifle.n
      Name: Grenade (high explosion grenade) manufacturer: --- gun weight: --- full length: --- magazine capacity: --- valid range: --- fire speed: --- weapon: --- weapon: --- weapon Introduction: Small grenades thrown by hand. It can cause high damage within a certain range, suitable for killing multiple goals within a small range.n
      Name: Flashbang (Flash Bomb) Manufacturer: --- gun weight: --- Full length: --- Magazine capacity: --- Valid range: --- Rights speed: --- Introduction to weapon profile : Small flash bombs thrown by hand. Without actual lethality, use flash to make the enemy temporarily lose vision.n
      Name: SMOKE (smoke bomb) Manufacturer: --- gun weight: --- full length: --- magazine capacity: --- Valid range: --- fire speed: --- weapon introduction : Small smoke bomb thrown by hand. The use of smoke to cover a certain range of throwing weapons is mainly used to obstruct the enemy's field of vision.n

      game backgroundn
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      The "Global Risk" legion that manipulates the interests of the Western world and the "Black List" legion in the third world country, including the weak country. Under this opposite position, these two mercenaries fight around the world, which is Crossfire's game background. Because each map has background stories, core players are more focused on the game world.n

      game characteristic battle moden
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      In ghost moden
      This is a brand new gameplay!n
      The victory in the blasting mode is the same. The ghost of the offensive side must detonate the C4 bomb to complete the task, but the ghost is invisible. It can only be seen when it moves, and it can only be used with a knife! The defender can only find the location of the ghost through listening to the sound of breathing and footsteps! Although there are guns in your hand, it is not a simple difference to deal with invisible enemies!n
      The following is the type of the map and the task of the defender and the latentn
      wolf holen
      The defenders: protection of energy facilitiesn
      latent: destroy energy facilitiesn
      Underground research instituten
      The defenders: protection research facilitiesn
      latent: destroy research facilitiesn
      The lost trace (Map of version 0.1.8)n
      The defenders: protecting the ruinsn
      Laders: Destroy the ruinsn

      Amu introduction team blasting moden
      Mexico "Black List task: Destroy Mexico's Secret Missile Base" Global Risk Mission: Protect Mexico's secret missile base in Mexico's missile base in Mexico, undertakes the important development of a new generation of space missile interception system mission. Well, this important message was discovered by hostile organizations. They started to spend huge funds to hire Black List, hoping to rely on their power to detonate the missile base. The US Department of Defense quickly noticed their plans. The Pentagram and the White House held secret meetings to discuss countermeasures. They are unwilling to let more people understand the existence of the missile base, so they decided to hire Global Risk to fight to protect this important place.n
      The task of BLACK LIST: Booming Turkey's Jeho -Eunuk Pipeline "Global RISK task: Preventing from exploding Turkish Jeho Oil Pipelines to swim in the Kurdish Workers' Party in northern Israel to use quite a lot of funds To fund the Kurdish armed forces in Turkey. The latter used this funds to hire Black List to try to bomb the Joyhan oil pipeline of Turkey. Jayham's oil -passing pipeline plays a vital role in exporting oil to Europe. Once it is blown, it will cause great anger in Turkey and European countries, which will cause Israel to fall into an extremely serious diplomatic crisis. In order to prevent Jayham's oil -passing pipeline blown, the Israeli intelligence agency hired Global Risk to prevent this terrorist action. The fierce firefire is waiting for Global Risk and Black List again!n
      Eagle Eye-Norwegian "Black List Mission: Destroy Norwegian Army Plan" Global Risk task: Stop Black List to destroy the Norwegian army under the pressure of NATO and the United States, Norway decided to add a large number of elite special forces Go to Kabul, Afghanistan. The news is very unfavorable to the Afghan rebels: once the Norwegian troops arrive, the U.S. military will likely start large -scale operations against the rebels in southern Afghanistan. Therefore, the Afghan rebels decided to commission the Black List to prevent Norwegian troops. On the other hand, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense commissioned Global Risk to follow the garrison. Unexpectedly, Global Risk met again with the Black List again.n
      "Core submarine" Black List task: Destroy the main facility of the nuclear submarine "asylum" Global RISK task: The main facility of the "shelter" of the nuclear submarine is located in the isolated island in the United States. The secret base of the nuclear submarine "asylum". And this nuclear submarine will become the killer of Global Risk! The "Shelter" nuclear submarine is purchased from the former Soviet Navy by Global RISK. After transformation, it can not only be used to transport troops, but also for long -distance attacks. Essence From the perspective of competitors Black List, the "shelter" has undoubtedly become a nail in the eyes. They did not choose to explore the position of the secret base and strive to destroy it. A new battle is bound to be inevitable.n
      Colombia "Black List's task eliminates Global Risk" Global Risk's mission to eliminate BLACK LIST as the abduction incident. The extremely rampant drug transactions have always been a multi -income area of ​​international conflicts. The mercenaries of Black List and Global Risk are extremely frequent. There is no money to seduce, no orders to force, and no faith to drive ... BL and GR are just fighting because of hatred. Perhaps Colombia exists for them.n
      The team death mode Racing City TD "mission kills all the enemy Global Risk, which has seen the Mexican missile base from destroying the destroyed fate. However, a large number of Black List members are preparing to evacuate from here. GR must not let them disclose the secrets of the missile base, and the only way is to kill them. The desperate Black List and Global Risk launched a decisive battle here.n
      Themailing TD "mission to kill all the enemy Black List, which was seen, originally planned to destroy Britain's largest hydropower station, but Global Risk prevented them. Global Risk mastered their retreat and blocked them at the railway station, trying to get the Black list online.n
      The transport ships "mission to kill all the enemies who have seen the UN Security Council strictly monitor the world's illegal weapon output. They recently discovered a suspicious transport ship from Russia to Nigeria. Nigeria, the largest oil -producing country in Africa, moved with armed rebels "MEND). Officials of the Security Council suspected that the purpose of the transport ship was to transport their weapons for them. Global Risk was quickly ordered to intercept. However, when they just landed on the transport ship, they were attacked by the Black List lurking on the transport ship! Is this actually a conspiracy of Black List to seduce the enemy?n
      Thenian List's task uses stealth equipment to destroy the underground research institute of the underground research institute to protect the underground research institute that is secretly cooperated by the United States and the United Nations to develop the latest strategic weapons. However, all researchers disappeared mysterious in the morning! In order to investigate the truth and cover up people's eyes, the Pentagon once again hired Global Risk to go to the research institute for inspection. This time, Global RISK was paniced by unprecedentedly -they found that they were facing invisible enemies, and even more terrible that these enemies were their own enemies: Black List. But the Pentagon is even more panicked. Because only they know that the strategic weapon developed by the Institute is the stealth equipment used by the enemy ... and the Black List that has mastered the advanced equipment is another matter: destroying the institute, making the stealth equipment always become the stealth equipment always become the hidden equipment always become the stealth equipment. Your patent.n
      The missing relics "Black List Mission: Destroy the ruins" Global Risk task: Protect the ruins of a world -renowned archeological research institution, and discovered the ancient civilization ruins on an accident. They immediately studied it. With the development of the study, they found that this relics contained evidence that it was sufficient to shake the foundation of modern scientific theory! Because the incident may have a large impact, they no longer disclose this archeological discovery to the outside world. However, their archeological activities are still obstructed by a mysterious organization on the grounds of "maintaining normal order". Archaeological institutions are unwilling to succumb to stress. They hired Global Risk to protect themselves. However, they never expected that the road of the enemy was narrow, and the mysterious organization actually hired Black List to match it. This time, Black List tried to use the stealth device just seized to destroy the entire ruins like a ghost!n

      Crossfire characteristics and advantagesn
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      This Balance FPS games generally have several sniper rifles, rifles, SMG, submachine guns, etc., and remain continuously updated. However, due to the popularity of a few popular guns or mainstream guns, many types of guns cannot be activated, resulting in many high -performance guns. This is due to the reasonable and highly highlighting personality and performance optimization based on the player's acceptance. The Crossfire Development Team spent a lot of thoughts for players to choose a variety of guns they like and experience different feelings. After remembering each game mode, more excellent guns have appeared, and the player has formed a benign debate against the "best gun". In the future, the weapons we continue to update will also bring pleasure to players and make it eternal topics. Fast -fast game and refreshing strike character fast movement and aiming, shot strikes are full of fun of fast -paced FPS games. In particular, the best route is calculated by confirming the player's birth point and the battle zone to constantly dig the map and get fun from it. The strategic high -level design Crossfire pursue FPS fun is not only the refreshing sense of shot, but also more core fun comes from the strategic significance brought by mutual cooperation and tacit understanding. The strength of 1 pair of duels is important, but it is difficult to win without tacit cooperation, so everyone is actively looking for the right route and tactics. Crossing the line of fire, crossing the official website of the fire line, "Cross Fire", "Crossing the Fire" and "Crossing the Fire". One of the widespread signs ended, and another domestic FPS online game new storm caused by "Crossing the Fire" is about to be staged. The introduction of the "Crossing Fire" game through the recent development of the recently developed FPS, crossing the fire line Crossfire (after the fire line in the future, referred to as 'CF') analyzed the popularity of the popularity of crossing the fire line (later referred to as 'cs'), the advantage of crossing the fire line "Crossing Crossing the Crossing Fire" "Fire" game Introduction on Thursday, August 23, 2007, "Crossing the Fire" game Introduction In a variety of online FPS developed, crossing the fire line Crossfire (later crossing the fire line for short) analyzed the crossfire (later referred to as 'CS' in the future 'CS') ) The advantages of the popularity through the fire and the content that players like, and provide the public's favorite FPS game. In addition, compared to the rich game content, the PC that cross the fire on the low configuration can also play a smooth game on Wednesday, August 22, 2007, "Cross Fire" "Cross Fire" and "Cross Fire", "Cross Fire". One of the widespread signs ended, and another domestic FPS online game new storm caused by "Crossing the Fire" is about to be staged. "CF" Chinese name "Crossing the Fire" on Tuesday, August 21, 2007, "CF" Chinese name "Crossing the Fire", "Cross Fire" Chinese famous dust settled, and the highest call "Cross Fire" was elected. One of the widespread signs ended, and another domestic FPS online game new storm caused by "Crossing the Fire" is about to be staged. "Cross Fire" Chinese name "Cross Fire" on Tuesday, August 21, 2007, "Cross Fire" in Chinese name "Crossing the Fire" and "Crossing the Fire". One of the widespread signs ended, and another domestic FPS online game new storm caused by "Crossing the Fire" is about to be staged. The footsteps of Christmas on December 25, 2007 slowly came to us, and the cf internal test timepayer also passed slowly one second and a second! There are white snow in the Christmas Eve, glowing Christmas trees, warm The stove, there is a rich dinner, and the Christmas gift we yearn for ... March 19, 2008 (Wednesday) Open Cross Fire, Beijing Netcom No. 1 server on April 9, 2008 CF can be the latest on QQ to the latest on QQ. Version (QQ2008 beta1) level 0 lighting icon. On April 11, 2008, the internal test was not deleted. The CF client is upgraded to V0.0.8 version. Keywords: Cross Fire FPS, the domestic hundreds of millions of online game players, the annual FPS online game masterpiece "Cross Fire", which is expected by the 6 million FPS core players, has ended successfully. After the participation and enthusiasm of millions of players, in the end, "Cross Fire" was settled in Chinese, and the highest voices "Crossing the Fire" was elected. One of the widespread signs ended, and another domestic FPS online game new storm caused by "Crossing the Fire" is about to be staged. The second -generation FPS online game leader "Cross Fire", which is recognized by the Korean industry as "the most professional FPS online game operator Neowiz, has always attracted the attention The Chinese name collection event, millions of players participated in the event to contribute to their own FPS online game Chinese name selection for their favorite and expectations. In the end, in the Chinese list and the Chinese creative Chinese, "Cross the Fire Fire "Elected by high votes; the other two major opponent groups" Global Risk "and" Black List "also have Chinese names recognized by players, namely" defender "and" lurking ". The active painting (related news) of the name ended successfully. In addition, the official commitment of 10,000q coin awards and other naming awards will be one by one, and the final winner and lucky players will be announced later. Please pay attention to the latest information. The Chinese name "Cross Fire" solicit super high popularity on the one hand reflects the popularity of the FPS online game market, and urgently needs a product that can truly meet the habits and needs of domestic players to fill the gap in the market. Really given to the player, let the player decide the Chinese name of "Cross Fire" and the Chinese name of the two major opponents in the game, let the player participate in the localization process of the game. No wonder many participating activities **** **** Players have stated that "I am the master of my site", lock FPS online games and lock "Cross Fire". Neowiz has been recognized as "the most professional FPS online game operator" by the Korean industry. The status of the person has rich development and operation experience for the FPS online game market. As the largest Internet company in China, Tencent has a variety of platform resources advantages, massive user base, mature network technology and operating experience, etc. The two are strong. Jointly, "Cross Fire" will set off a new climax of the FPS online game market. It is reported that the localization of "Cross Fire" is in an orderly manner. The game is expected to be launched at the end of 2007. Get the Chinese name, the first step in dedicating the exciting drama for domestic FPS players, accompanied by the localization completion of "Cross Fire" and the upcoming game of the game, domestic FPS online games will usher in a more glorious era. Crossing the line of fire permanent Free on March 15, 2008 -International Consumer Rights Day, Tencent solemnly announced its FPS online game masterpiece "Cross Fire" permanent free! Put a blockbuster bomb in the hearts of tens of millions of FPS gamers! Tencent Games has been committed to providing players with a diversified game entertainment life. At present, the products that have been successfully operated are "QQ Free Fantasy", "QQ Fantasy", "QQ Hall", "Q" Q Three Kingdoms, QQ Speed, etc., this year is a continuous masterpiece. Several masterpieces such as "Dungeon and Warriors" (DNF), "Xunxian", "QQ Flying Island", and "QQ Hyun Dance" are ready to go. "Crossing the Fire" launched the first shot of Tencent's entering the FPS online game market. "Crossing the Fire" (CF) is a new concept FPS online game jointly developed by Neowiz and Smile Gate. Neowiz has been recognized as "the most professional FPS online game operator" by the Korean industry. It has been leading the leader of the Korean FPS online game market for many years; Smile Gate is also the top Korean FPS game developer in South Korea. 》 It is known as the new concept king of FPS online games. In July last year, the ChinaJoy exhibition, "Crossing the Fire" appeared for the first time as a heavy product of Tencent, becoming the focus of the audience, injecting a new vitality into the domestic FPS online game market. In the October Internet Expo, "Crossing the Fire" appeared again and won the super popularity at the scene. It once again won the most anticipated FPS online game rankings in major online media and graphic media. On December 25, the internal test of the fire -deleting file was opened. The game was sought after and expected by many domestic FPS gamers. For gun war enthusiasts, it was a fPS meal. In order to keep closer to the player, Tencent's "Crossing Fire" development and operation team received feedback from players through various channels to improve the game client. Essence Nowadays, the price of weapons and equipment in the game has fallen to a low price that surprises players, reflecting the permanent free determination of "Crossing the Fire", so that users on the majority of Tencent platforms can play, play well, and play cool CF! I believe the number of gamers in the upcoming ultimate internal test -March 26 will definitely rise, and these are foreseeable. In this internal test that has not yet ended, the server is often full! Various game modes in CF are full of fun, different styles and wisdom, so that players are so happy. Under Tencent's game business philosophy, under the development and operation of the professional development and operation team of "Crossing the Fire", under permanent free and solemn promise, "Crossing the Fire" must be the leader in China's FPS online game!n

      The military badgen
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      Ilines 1 smiley facen
      0 ~ 456n
      Ilines 2 smiley facesn
      457 ~ 912n
      three -class soldiers and one barn
      913 ~ 1824n
      The second -class soldier and two barsn
      1825 ~ 3192n
      three -legged soldiersn
      3193 ~ 5016n
      first soldiers 1 four barsn
      5017 ~ 7296n
      Pevity 2 four barsn
      7297 ~ 10032n
      Is 3 four bars for soldiersn
      10033 ~ 13224n
      Pevolous soldiers 4 four barsn
      13225 ~ 17784n
      Neads 1 under the arrown
      17785 ~ 23940n
      The arrow 2 of the scholars 2n
      23941 ~ 33060n
      3 arrows in the next 3rdn
      33061 ~ 43092n
      The arrow of 4 tacklen
      43093 ~ 54036n
      The arrow 5n
      54037 ~ 65892n
      The arrow of 6 timesn
      65893 ~ 78660n
      Izon 1 two off arrowsn
      78661 ~ 92340n
      Izon 2 two off arrowsn
      92341 ~ 106932n
      Izon 3 or two off arrowsn
      106933 ~ 122436n
      Izon 4 or two off arrowsn
      122437 ~ 138852n
      The two or two lower arrows of Chinese scholarsn
      138853 ~ 156180n
      Izon 6 or two lower arrowsn
      156181 ~ 174420n
      three lower arrows 1n
      174421 ~ 193572n
      Is 2 three off arrowsn
      193573 ~ 213636n
      3 three off arrowsn
      213637 ~ 234612n
      roshi 4 three off arrowsn
      234613 ~ 256500n
      个 个n
      256501 ~ 279300n
      279301 ~ 326724n
      Ilap 1n
      326725 ~ 375972n
      I Lieutenant 2n
      375973 ~ 427044n
      Ilap 3n
      427045 ~ 479940n
      I Lieutenant 4n
      479941 ~ 534660n
      Iladder 5n
      534661 ~ 591204n
      Iladder 6n
      591205 ~ 649572n
      I Lieutenant 7n
      649573 ~ 709764n
      Ilades 8n
      709765 ~ 771780n
      Lieutenant 1n
      771781 ~ 835620n
      Lieutenant 2n
      835621 ~ 901284n
      Lieutenant 3n
      901285 ~ 968772n
      Lieutenant 4n
      968773 ~ 1038084n
      Lieutenant 5n
      1038085 ~ 1109220n
      Lieutenant 6n
      1109221 ~ 1182180n
      Lieutenant 7n
      1182181 ~ 1256964n
      Lieutenant 8n
      1256965 ~ 1333572n
      Captain 1n
      1333573 ~ 1412004n
      Captain 2n
      1412005 ~ 1492260n
      Captain 3n
      1492261 ~ 1574340n
      Captain 4n
      1574341 ~ 1658244n
      Captain 5n
      1658245 ~ 1743972n
      Captain 6n
      1743973 ~ 1831524n
      Captain 7n
      1831525 ~ 1920900n
      Captain 8n
      1920901 ~ 2057700n
      AD 1n
      2057701 ~ 2197236n
      AD 2n
      2197237 ~ 2339508n
      AD 3n
      2339509 ~ 2484516n
      AD 4n
      2484517 ~ 2632260n
      Majors 5n
      2632261 ~ 2782740n
      AD 6n
      2782741 ~ 2935956n
      AD 7n
      2935957 ~ 3091908n
      AD 8n
      3091909 ~ 3277044n
      Ingarians 1n
      3277045 ~ 3465372n
      Ingarians 2n
      3465373 ~ 3673536n
      Igong school 3n
      3673537 ~ 3885177n
      Igong school 4n
      3885178 ~ 4100295n
      In Lieutenant Colonel 5n
      4100296 ~ 4318890n
      Igong school 6n
      4318891 ~ 4540962n
      In Lieutenant Colonel 7n
      4540963 ~ 4766511n
      Igong school 8n
      4766512 ~ 5028198n
      Cang school 1n
      5028199 ~ 5319183n
      Cang school 2n
      5319184 ~ 5614500n
      Cang school 3n
      5614501 ~ 5914149n
      Cang school 4n
      5914150 ~ 6218130n
      Cang school 5n
      6218131 ~ 6526500n
      Cang school 6n
      6526501 ~ 6839202n
      Cang school 7n
      6839203 ~ 7156236n
      Cang school 8n
      7156237 ~ 7578036n

      The latest CF download URLn
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      This crossing V0.1.8 Queen's Capital Edition complete client download:n

      vsgame.5d6d/ resource release arean

      1.5 Edition The latest update content: M4A1-A, which is M4A1 with the muffler. This gun is good, the back seat is not large but the power is small.n
      awm-a, the AWM of the sight was replaced, and the sights would not shake when they were beaten.n
      The left wheel pistol, the left wheel power is very powerful, but the speed of the shot is not as fast as the sand eagle. It is recommended to use the sand eagle.n
      The honorary point system, many spray drawings, and 50%experience card, which can be used for superimposed with 20%of experience cards.n

      Crossfire position and directionn
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      In many online FPS developed recently, Crossfire (later referred to as 'cf') analyzes the advantages of the popular FPS that includes (later referred to as 'cs') and absorbed the content that players like, and and Provide Volkswagen's favorite FPS games. And compared to the rich game content, the PC of the low configuration can also play very smooth games.n
      About anti -addictionn
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      The anti -addiction systemn

      The cross -fire line is a FPS game developed by Korean companies. It is not Tencent's plagiarism of other games, so scolders please take the respect.n
      Is after minors are online, their online time will be calculated in total, called "cumulative online time".n
      Is after minors are offline, it will also be calculated in accordance with the online time, which is called "cumulative offline time".n
      For the cumulative online time of minors, the game income is normal. Every time the total online time is over 1 hour, reminds: "You have accumulated for a total of 1 hour." To the cumulative online time for 3 hours, remind: "You have accumulated online time for 3 hours, please go offline and do it, do it to do it, do it to do it, do it to do it, do it, do it and do it. Proper physical activity. "n
      If accumulated online time more than 3 hours to enter the 4-5 hours, when it starts, the online game anti -addiction system will make a warning in the significant position of the screen: "You have entered the fatigue game time, your game income of your game income will be It will be reduced to 50 % of the normal value. For your health, please take a break as soon as possible, do proper physical activities, and arrange learning life reasonably. "Since then, every 30 minutes warning.n
      If accumulated online time more than 5 hours to enter the 6th hour, when you start entering the game, you will make a warning: "You have entered the unhealthy game time, for your health, please go offline immediately. Your body will be damaged, and your income has been reduced to zero until your cumulative offline time can be returned to normal after 5 hours. " Since then, every 15 minutes warning.n
      If the cumulative offline time of minors has been 5 hours, the cumulative online time is cleared, and the online time is re -online.n
      Is for forcibly exitn
      1, plug -in/illegal softwaren
      2, malicious use of bug (that is, unlimited grenades/flash bombs/smoke bombs)n
      3, abuse othersn
      4, othersn
      above is a common forced exit typen
      In I wish you all a happy player to playn

      The lighting icon conditionn
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      Player will enjoy a different honor experience brought by the CF personal level after joining the second phase. In crossing the fire, you will be more fashionable. If you have honor points, you will give priority to experiencing game sets and various special outfits. The higher your honor level, you will enjoy higher treatment, and you can also participate in special special treatment and participate in special specials. Activities, the honor of hard work by yourself, of course, enjoy different privileges!n
      The game status will be presented in the QQ panel. Do you often lose the news of your friends and often lose? After the launch of the honor system, your QQ will automatically express the way you are in the game to your friends. You don't have to worry about it for this matter. You can play a few games, and the honor follows!n
      minimum 30 points to light, and the honor points are deducted every week after upgrading the icon. The condition is to play uninterrupted every week. 11545 Hope to be useful to you!

    2. CS knows not, the abbreviation of crossing the fire is CF, which is the main Tencent game of the gun. There are many game modes, blasting, annihilation, ghost (fought ghost), and special stations (on knives), go in You know
      , it's fun

    3. "Crossing the Fire" (CF for short) is an online gun war game with two major international mercenaries. The advantages of CF collection of multiple stand -alone FPS are one of them, and the opinions of domestic players are widely optimized to enrich the content of the game. Running smoothly and smoothly on the low -profile PC is the representative of the super popular and popular new generation of gun war games. On July 25, 2008, it reached 50W on the day of the public beta. As one of the official competition projects of the WCG2008 China Division, it attracted the attention of countless players!

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